Posts Tagged ‘Spending’ has a report that then United States is now borrowing $4,ooo,000,000 a day and will hit the debt ceiling sometime around May 16th. I say do not raise the ceiling and let the pain begin, the U.S. would not default on our loans because we didn’t raise it. There is enough money coming in through taxes to make these payments. Congress and the President will try to scare us that the economy will collapse if it is not raised. That will not happen, well at least it shouldn’t, but it will if they don’t cut the SPENDING! Will it be tough? Yes. Will it effect each American? Yes. Should we do it now as to not make our children pay for our mistakes? Yes, should be the answer. I will sacrifice for my Country and my children even if it means hard times(and it does)but we will come out a much stronger nation. The question is will you?

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