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Stock up!

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Garden, Uncategorized
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With all the rain, flooding and general bad weather the Country has had, food prices are going to spike up. The winter wheat report is not good and with all the rain it is not going to get any better. Around here farmers are having a tough go. They have had to fight rain and cool temps., corn that has been planted is about 3 inches high but a lot of it may not survive all the rain. On the good side the forecast is calling for higher temps next week so that will help. If you are able, I would suggest that you plant your own garden. We have many things ready to plant if the weather would clear, it is really upsetting that we can not plant as the ground has standing water. If you are unable to have a garden please stock up now while prices are still low, i would get anything that has to do with corn, which is of corse everything!



Still Raining

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I don’t know what it is doing in your area, but here it seems like we can’t get two dry days in a row. It has been a very wet spring and the temp has been on the chilly side. I would really like to begin working up our gardens, but they are still a bit muddy. I am hoping to expand our gardens this year, as my wife really is great with the canner so it would be great to be able to stock up for the winter. We also have many projects to work on this year, replacing a few windows and finishing the chicken coop etc… I m going to plant a lot of beets this year as my wife learned a recipe from an Amish friend, and they are just like candy to me, man they are good! Would have liked to have the peas in, but it won’t quit raining. On the plus side the grass is growing good so we can let the animals out on pasture and save a few $ on hay. It works good until Tigger the bull decides right as I need to leave for work, that the winter wheat in the field next to the pasture looks much better than what he is eating and walks through the fence! Ah Good Times! The wife is going to take the three chicks out to the coop tonight after dark and stick them under a hen that is sitting on eggs, So learned that by doing so the hen thinks the chicks belong to her and will take care of them, which is much nice than having them in the house. Even though it raining spring is here and Gods earth is beginning to wake up from its winter slumber, and I for one am happy!