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We hit the ceiling!

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Money
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Well yesterday America maxed out its credit card, not to worry tho the Treasury found some money lying around to get us into August. Well I hope they don’t raise it, but it isn’t really going to matter anyway, the world is headed for a crash and there not enough money in the world to stop it. The only thing that you or I can really do is to prepare for the coming crash, stock up on supplies now while you can. It is time for our Country to circle our wagons, and hunker down and try to make it to the other side. Please think about adding to your pantry, the worse that can happen if the crash doesn’t happen is that you have extra food. Then again the world is going to end on Saturday, so it won’t matter anyway!



I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about tonight, and was kind of blank. Untill I saw this story on CNN Money. Congress and their wisdom brought “Big Oil” in to explain high gas prices, of course they hit back about the Dems want to cut their government funding(which to me is not a bad idea). People do not buy into it is the oil company’s fault, sure they have some influence on prices, but Congress should be call the Fed into explain how their policy of pumping U.S. dollars into the economy is the real reason why the price at the pump you pay is so high. You see the only way you can buy barrels of oil through OPEC is with our dollar, you can’t buy it in any other currency. So if the Fed pumps money into the system what happen? The value of the dollar falls, and when that happens guess what IT TAKES MORE DOLLARS to buy that same barrel of oil. Just last week the media was happy that the price of oil fell, it was all going to be better, well that’s because if you looked the dollar gain value, buts oops the next day the reverse happened. So stop blaming Big Oil yes they make a lot of money, but they will sell their oil at the market price, as you would, I don’t care what they make and neither should you, but what we should be upset with is the Fed, and the President who can’t seem to understand why gas is so much, when his administration won’t allow us to drill but gives Brazil the go ahead in our waters, does that make sence?

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Hard Times Are Coming.

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Money
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Hard times are coming to this Country. 28% of homes in the U.S. are now underwater, and reports are now out that the crop forecast for this year is down, which means even higher food prices. Gas is already at an all time high. If the country’s corn crop is bad you can expect prices on almost everything to rise, corn is in so many of todays products, even in fuel. Yet we continue to burn our food for ethanol, makes no sence to me. We can not continue down this path, if we don’t cut the spending in the federal government our country will crash. I hope that you are preparing your family for hard times, because it is going to happen, maybe not this year or next but it will happen. If you don’t have a garden please start one and learn to can, when you go shopping if something is on sale buy 2 instead of 1 and store the other. You really need to think about doing this, if it doesn’t happen well at least your pantry will be full! Do not rely on the government for help(now they will text you if there is an emergency, no really!), rely on only yourself, and help others when you can. If we focus on this then we will be ok.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that 1 in 7 Americans are on food stamps, let that sink in for a minute. This is only going to get worse in the future, with the FED pumping out money it is only going to cause more inflation and things we need such as food and gas, and it drive more Americans to the program. Now before you say we need more jobs, I agree, but think about it, if you have a small business would you be looking to add employees? I would guess not, with the uncertainty in the economy, and the world most companies are sitting back trying to hold on to what they got and hoping for the best. If you watch the news you only hear about how bad Big business is(and that only means a profit over $250,000) for America, and its their fault for the 2008 crash. Well if you drive all of the supposed Big Business away where are the people to work? For the Government? Most jobs in this country are created by this so-called Big Business. We need to support these business if we want them to remain in this Country, other Countries would love to have those jobs. Our government needs to back off and let the free market and business and most of all the consumer create more jobs! I hope that the congress does not raise the debit ceiling, hey Obama is only asking for another $2,000,000,000,000,000. When are we going to wake up and realize is not going to work forever. I urge you to contact your congress men/women and tell them you don’t support rasing the debit ceiling! If we do at some point the 1 in 7 will turn into 7 in 7. has a report that then United States is now borrowing $4,ooo,000,000 a day and will hit the debt ceiling sometime around May 16th. I say do not raise the ceiling and let the pain begin, the U.S. would not default on our loans because we didn’t raise it. There is enough money coming in through taxes to make these payments. Congress and the President will try to scare us that the economy will collapse if it is not raised. That will not happen, well at least it shouldn’t, but it will if they don’t cut the SPENDING! Will it be tough? Yes. Will it effect each American? Yes. Should we do it now as to not make our children pay for our mistakes? Yes, should be the answer. I will sacrifice for my Country and my children even if it means hard times(and it does)but we will come out a much stronger nation. The question is will you?

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