Hard Times Are Coming.

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Money
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Hard times are coming to this Country. 28% of homes in the U.S. are now underwater, and reports are now out that the crop forecast for this year is down, which means even higher food prices. Gas is already at an all time high. If the country’s corn crop is bad you can expect prices on almost everything to rise, corn is in so many of todays products, even in fuel. Yet we continue to burn our food for ethanol, makes no sence to me. We can not continue down this path, if we don’t cut the spending in the federal government our country will crash. I hope that you are preparing your family for hard times, because it is going to happen, maybe not this year or next but it will happen. If you don’t have a garden please start one and learn to can, when you go shopping if something is on sale buy 2 instead of 1 and store the other. You really need to think about doing this, if it doesn’t happen well at least your pantry will be full! Do not rely on the government for help(now they will text you if there is an emergency, no really!), rely on only yourself, and help others when you can. If we focus on this then we will be ok.

  1. boomrethink says:

    Good points indeed! If people think the federal government will come and rescue them when “things go bad” they need to remember the folks who went face down in the waters of Katrina!

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